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The powerful healing and transformational process that utilizes the energies of Bhakti, (sweetness, love and gratitude) in combination with a profound transmission of Chi (universal life force energy), to transform Body/Mind Consciousness, bringing us into the higher realms of self realization, wisdom, freedom from suffering, and an intelligent understanding of how the universe work.


Is a profound healing modality that will transform your life. It can clean out your negative, fear based history & deep cellular trauma and bring you into the liberated feeling of self love and an appreciation for all life on this planet. It raises our physical body vibration, cleans old wounds and emotional trauma by using love and transmitted Chi energies.


Is a process of cleansing, purifying, awakening and enlightening.

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9 February 2024 -
7 February 2025
Cyber Group; BhaktiChi Healing Circle Of Light

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Don Hanson is a truly gifted and very experienced teacher. I have known him for 20 years and seen miracle after miracle taking place in these circles. This is very powerful work for those who are willing to be vulnerable, take responsibility for their feelings and expand beyond the ego mind into higher vibrational reality [...] Read more

Johanna Harmala, Costa Rica

Don Hanson's work taps into such a deeply spiritual, profoundly healing energy that mere words cannot possibly capture the wonder and scope of its essence. He is coming from such a boundless, generous, limitless place of acceptance, love and presence [...] Read more

Dawn Colombo, New York

Divine Alchemy

Ciara and Don talk about the healing of the collective unconscious and the cloak of old world mind that the soul takes on.

Expanding global consciousness

There are many of us who are now and have been taking our bodies through deep purification. We are learning to live in alignment with the universal principles of love, gratitude and sweetness. Together we are pioneering a new global consciousness based on inclusion, connection and the recognition that we are all in this together as a global family. Together we now move beyond the grid of old world mind; fear, separation, exclusion, bigotry, greed/competition and self hatred.