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Posted on October 1 2004

Inner Realm Magazine Interview, New York & New Jersey.

1.) For those of our readers who may not know who you are, who are you?

Hello, my name is Don Hanson. I travel extensively throughout the world facilitating healing seminars and workshops, teaching people how to unlock their full potential and move into their true talents. I do most of my private work over the phone and have many people calling me from all over the world for healing sessions. I was given the gift of clairvoyance and the ability to bring through a profound, healing, transformational energy to assist and teach a process of self-realization and enlightenment. The divine energy that flows through comes directly from the heart of God and is some of the most powerful transformational energy available on the planet at this time. The process of life taught through these workshops, retreats and private sessions has a way of completely transforming how we think and the way we see reality providing a structure that connects us directly with the intelligence and healing power of the Great Spirit.

2.) Can you tell me about your work BhaktiChi?

During a  workshop divine energy flows through the body on a regular and continuous basis. This energy is so powerful that it targets all limitations in our body, mind and emotions that have to do with old fear based realities, belief systems and conditioning that we have inherited from our ancestors and cultures that are not in alignment with the universal law of love, gratitude and abundance on all levels. This energy is brought through my body on request and will enter the individual or group I am working with and will start to undo the cloak of world mind that the soul takes on when we come into this world. Layer by layer this cloak is unraveled and dissolved. A cellular, molecular shift takes place in the body at the most profound levels. Over time, as we are guided by the divine light flowing through, our bodies make a complete metamorphosis. Those behavior patterns, mind sets and energy blockages that are at the foundation of physical, mental and emotional illness start to disappear and a new structure of excitement, passion, and self-love begin to emerge.

The divine energy that is channeled through awakens our divine self. This divine self is created in the image of God. It has at its disposal the power to transform physical bodies on every level. It changes the brain. It changes the way we think. It changes the way we feel. The intelligence of this divine energy is so brilliant it knows exactly how to unfold the full potential of each one of us. In time, it awakens all of our talents, our intuitive, psychic abilities and our power to bring through the most powerful energy on the planet bringing us into alignment with the destiny plan that was given to each one of us by the Great Spirit.

As divine energy transforms our bodies, our minds and our emotions we begin to see that our true nature is one of self-empowerment, self-trust and clarity. Most of the emotions that we feel are based on living in a world that is full of fear, shame, abuse, self-righteous ego, competition and comparing ourselves to others. In the process of unraveling our divine self, the energy will unlock layer by layer all the emotions that are based on the world’s misalignment and separation from divine love. We will feel these emotions unlocking as they intensify, expand out and release from our body, mind and emotions. During this process, it is very important not to make fear-based emotions real. Instead they are viewed as that which is being released and healed from the body. Where we place our emphasis is on the LIGHT that is pushing out and transmuting the old traumas and emotions that have run our lives in the past. We are much greater than who we think we are. Each one of us carries a divine self. What we focus our energy on is what we become. If we focus our energy constantly on negative emotions and what is wrong with our lives or what is wrong with others, this is what we shall become. If we put our energy into knowing that our body is constantly healing itself by trying to shed off old feelings and emotions and that what we are really feeling is what is leaving us, then we begin to support the healing process of the divine light awakening in each one of us.

3.) How important is it to experience the emotions of traumas and events that may have shaped us along the way?

It is important to unlock and re-feel any traumatic experiences or memories from our growing up years. As children we adapt quickly to unsafe, abusive environments by learning to guard and protect ourselves. We therefore numb out the traumatic experience(s) in order to survive.

As long as the trauma stays inside our body, we humans have a way of continuing to re-create situations that reflect the original trauma through relationships and the way we operate in the world. In a sense we project our original traumas into our current relationships and everyday situations. Also, repressed trauma can tend to show up as depression, anxiety, fear, self-depreciation and aloneness. As we get older, the repressed trauma can create tension and blockages, constricting us on a physical, energetic and cellular level, affecting bodily functions and interfering with the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

This tension can inhibit the cells from functioning at their optimum level. They can not therefore renew themselves to the vibrancy that the body is designed for. Over time this can result in premature aging, illness, disease or death.

4.) When I was in the workshop I experienced profound, deep emotions and memories that went as far back as my great Grandfather, how and why is this so important to my healing?

In the process of sitting in divine light, all of the old traumas and negative memories will unlock themselves. We may feel and remember these as they are being transmuted with light. Sometimes however, we won’t need to remember as the power of this light burns out the original traumas before the mind can understand what is taking place.

5.) I wasn’t aware that this even existed or was affecting me, how deep and how far do we need to go to heal and move on?

Often during the course of our workshops and seminars we work with behavior patterns and belief systems, traumas, losses and atrocities that get passed down through our ancestral history. Jesus once said “The sins of our fathers get passed down for seven generations” What we have discovered in our work and research is that through the collective unconscious of families, cultures and religions, un-resolved traumas that may have happened 3 or even 10 generations ago get passed on to new-born babies. Babies born through traumatized mothers and fathers tend to be traumatized in the uterus, infancy and also the later years.

The new soul coming through a family that has been traumatized absorbs vibrationally and energetically the blockages of the previous generation. If not healed in their lifetime, it can be passed to the next generation and so on. This is called Generational Karma.

The brilliance of the divine energy sources out and targets those traumas that have been passed down through the collective unconscious. It will expose the cellular memory of the trauma so we can feel what we have inherited as they are being transmuted and dissolved. We are much more than who we think we are.

It is so important in our healing and enlightenment process that we address this ancestral issue in order to clear the deeper subconscious traumas that can vibrationally affect our genetic and molecular structure.

In my work in Ireland for the last 7 years, we have gone as far back as 3500 years cleaning out traumas of oppression and political strife including famine and poverty issues. As these traumas are exposed in the presence of divine light, we feel a tremendous explosion of the cells and synapses as the original memories are dissipated.

6.) Are we ever fully healed?

It is my experience that every person’s healing process is unique. The brilliance of the divine energy knows how to unlock the baggage and unravel the unique cloak that each person carries. For some, the process of unraveling may take 10 years, for others a lifetime. We are not interested in the end goal. Rather, to sit as often as we can in divine energy allowing the universe to be in charge of the outcome of our healing and enlightenment. So we let go of our own will and let Divine will be done through us. We learn to step aside and let divine intelligence orchestrate our self-realization and enlightenment. Our job is to form a partnership with the Creator. We hold up our baggage and then allow the light to transform it. This is called divine alchemy… turning lead into gold. Eventually, we reach gold. In time, we will move through our own karma and clean up that which our soul has chosen to take on. However, we eventually begin to see that we are really not totally cleared until the world is clear — because on some deep profound level, we are all in this together. In our healing circles, we often work on exposing and transmuting world karma, unconscious behavior patterns that affect us all. The Bodhisattva knows that when he or she reaches their own enlightenment, the next stage in their development is to take on world mind. It is so important that we as healers and people clean out our own closet first. This allows the light to come through a clean filter. Those that do not take the necessary time to clean out their own closets may channel energies through a filter that is contaminated with their own unconsciousness, thus creating harm or distortion with those they work with.

7.) Can we keep digging and always find something to heal? Is there a point we need to start owning our power of who we truly are? When does that part start truly happening?

One of the natural outcomes of awakening our divine self is having the ability to access a universal power, wisdom and clarity that we know came through some of our great teachers and Masters such as Jesus, the Buddha, Mohammed, Moses, and many others. Each one of us, if we chose to put our time in, will become a great Master. We are all created in the image of God. We only have to unlock this divine self by removing the blanket of world mind and ancestral history that cloaks who we really are.

8.) How do we deal with finding courage? Feelings of not deserving? Feeling of being alone? Etc.

Dear friends, let me tell you. Inside of you is something so sacred and so profound that as it is unlocked, you will know that you are not alone. You are in a divine love affair with the Creator 24 hours a day. All the Creator wants from you is your complete devotion to it. It wants you to talk to it and keep one eye and one ear on its voice in your body, which we call Greater Mind. Greater Mind is in the center of the body. It is the direct connection to God. Our intellects are designed to listen and interpret the intuitive guidance presenting itself constantly from Greater Mind. Our goal is to walk and talk from Greater Mind. Greater Mind presents itself to the degree that we acknowledge it in our centers. The Center is located about 1-4 inches below the belly button. There is a light in this place so powerful that when it unlocks and ignites itself, it has the power to transform the entire body, mind and emotions. We are truly not alone. When we begin to actively love the Creator to the degree that we can feel love in our hearts towards the Creator, we then begin to open the door that allows the light to shine through every aspect of our life. In a sense, we are door openers. We open the door by loving God. As the door opens, we are flooded with the most profound, sweet nectar that the Universe has to offer. This nectar redoes our interior structure from the inside out.

9.) In the workshop you said if you had an audience of 10,000 you would speak to them about a specific subject (femininity), now you are addressing an audience of almost 100,000, what would you like to say to all of us?

It is a privilege on a soul level to be given the opportunity to be on this planet at this time. It is so important for those of us who are about to embark on, or already are on the path of self-realization to take on the attitude of gratitude. We need to actively thank the Great Spirit for everything that happens to us…the good and the bad. Some of us have developed bad habit patterns of judging ourselves, judging others, and thinking that we are less than others, believing that we are victims of our life circumstances and blaming others. This is a direct insult to our Divine self and to the creator and only leads to misery. We can face our resistance to negative thinking by thanking the creator for everything that comes our way. Gratitude is the key to enlightenment. The more we practice it, the more we become it. Every time we thank the Great Spirit, our heart begins to open a little more. Over time, the Universe responds. This is a door opener. This is a tool that opens the door allowing the light to shine through every aspect of our life.

It is so important that we face our fears. Fear is the pathway to freedom. Those who choose passivity and inaction because they are afraid end up isolating themselves from true freedom. Freedom comes by taking risks and trusting that the universe will rearrange itself to support us. God helps those who help themselves. God sits back and twiddles its thumbs, waiting lifetimes for those playing the role of victim (waiting to be saved), until that soul chooses to step out of the quagmire of hopelessness, helplessness and passivity. Each of us has been given free will. It is so important to use our will to step forward into what expands us and makes us feel alive.

10.) Usually, when I do interviews they are with authors that our readers can go buy the book and experience some or a piece of the work. What is one thing you can share with our readers that they can do today to start or continue their healing?

One thing I suggest you do is find groups or healing circles where there is a transmission of divine energy taking place. You will know this through the response of your body. If there is light coming through, you will feel expansion, healing, openness and no doubt that you are sitting in the presence of an energy field coming directly from universal love. Your cells will explode in ecstasy. If the teaching is only on an intellectual level, you will not feel an expansion or release on a cellular or molecular level. I also recommend you practice the attitude of gratitude everyday, until you feel love towards the creator. This is exactly what I have done.

11.) Bio:

In 1971, I was involved in a very serious car accident. After one week of being in a coma, I woke up with the thought that the purpose of my life was to live life fully. I realized that I was raised to die life not live life. This car accident was the accumulation of belief systems and mindsets that I inherited from my ancestors, family and religion. I was in the hospital for 7 weeks with many broken bones and in and out of surgery. This gave me the time to reflect on my past, present and future. I made a decision to go for life. To understand what the purpose of being in a body on this planet at this time was all about. From that point on I committed all my resources and invested in the study of psychology, spirituality and metaphysics. I trained as a psychotherapist for 10 years. I left that field upon discovering that God is the healer. I found great teachers that channeled divine light. I sat in their presence for many years using the divine energy coming through them to resurrect myself. I left the field of psychotherapy and stopped working with people until I cleared out my own closet to such a degree that I opened up clairvoyant abilities and the ability to bring through divine energies. It was a lifetime investment into me. In the process, I awakened divine self. I live in a constant love affair with the Creator. The Creator has rewarded me by awakening many talents that lay dormant in my consciousness. I now travel where ever I am invited to bring the teaching and possibility of self-realization and enlightenment to those souls who are hungry for it. If I can do it, you can do it. Everything is possible to the degree that we set our mind to it. I invite you all to come join us in the most profound awakening process happening on this planet today.

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