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Ciara’s experience as a workshop participant

Posted on March 1 2018

There are a few self-realised and spiritually gifted souls on this planet. They could be standing right next to you, how would you know?

As I enter the workshop, seats are arranged in a circle and Don Hanson, one of the most gifted and intuitive healers in the world sits in the middle with a beaming welcoming smile. There is a tangible presence that fills the entire room.

Then Don guided by this transformational energy begins to do deep individual work. He literally merges with each person and the trauma that they are carrying as he tunes into the deepest part of them. He then asks them to follow him in words out-loud to the Great Spirit.  After a couple of moments this incredible transmission of light starts to pour through into the person´s body, targeting and unravelling the specific trauma, tension or fear that the person is carrying, that is often centuries old.

Even when one specific person is working, the whole group is also brought through the same transformation. It is a real feeling of working as a team.

As this energy hits my body it feels like it is literally pushing layers from the inside out so that they can be released. Then I feel such a sense of peace and love and expansion.  Moments later I feel like I am in the heart of a furnace as the fire of purification literally burns off centuries of old ancestral memories and cultural conditioning. Sometimes I feel like I am in an altered state as this profound healing energy, one of the most conscious and evolutionary vibrations on the planet works with me on a level that my mind will never understand.

I have seen miracles happen every time I walk into this space. I have witnessed people who have suffered the most incredible pain and trauma transform and give birth to their real selves in just a matter of days.

This process has changed my life in so many ways. It has helped me to let go of protections and old behaviour patterns so I can let my real precious, vulnerable, sweet and feeling self out into the open. It has given me grounded and practical tools to help me claim my power and express myself in the world. It truly has changed every aspect of me and continues to do so.  It was the best decision I ever made to enter this incredible process of Transforming with Supreme Light.

I wouldn´t miss it for the world.

If you have some emotional feeling or pain that needs help being cleared out or if you are a healer, doctor or therapist and want to learn how to bring through a transmission of pure healing energy, don’t miss this opportunity. You will see and experience effortless transformations unlike anything you have witnessed before.

Don is so generous with his gifts and as a teacher that he is constantly teaching the group how to clear our bodies and open to the powerful universal energies that he brings through. He teaches what he does as he goes along.

I just feel so much love and gratitude in this magical healing presence that I want everybody to taste it too.  It really is such a positive life changer. Yum!

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