How does BhaktiChi work?

During a workshop, divine energy flows through the body on a regular and continuous basis.

This energy is so powerful it sources and dissolves the fear-based epigenetic blueprints that are blocking your divine potential in this lifetime.

This divine energy is brought through Don’s body on request and enters the individual or group that he is working with. It begins to un-do the cloak of world-mind that you take on when you come into this world. Layer by layer this cloak is unraveled and dissolved until a permanent cellular, molecular shift takes place inside of you.

Don is a clairvoyant empath who has the ability to bring through a sacred healing transmission of light.  He also assists and teaches a process of self-realization and enlightenment.

The Divine Energy that pours through comes from the heart of the Universe and is some of the most powerful, transformational energy available on the planet at this time.

The process of life taught at these workshops, retreats and private sessions have a way of completely transforming how you think and the way you see reality, providing a structure that connects you directly with the Intelligence and healing power of the Great Spirit.

It is this alchemical process of enlightenment and resurrection that Don Hanson teaches all over the world through this powerful healing process known as BhaktiChi.

When Don works with a person he literally merges with their energy field, taking on and feeling the karma or shadow side and at the same time opening up and bringing through a powerful transmission of divine energy, which targets and expands the negative configuration. As Don transforms the karma within himself, it is simultaneously transformed in the person he is working with.

During this healing process, you will feel your body contracting, expanding, releasing and tingling as the synapses of the original traumas let go. These old traumas explode out into the open as expanded energy. Over time as these layers unravel, whatever has been held in a contracted state in the physical body and mind of the cells, inverts itself into an expanded vibration of love, liberation, excitement, passion and joy.

This energy eventually targets the brain; literally removing the cultural brainwashing by washing the brain with light, lifting the person out of the darkness and changing their personality. Over time as we convert our shadow into expanded energy, we become turned on to the process of transformation and begin to look forward to facing our dark feelings, knowing that they are only temporary states – effortlessly transformed through the art of accessing divine energy. We eventually become our own self-healers.

There are two key components to this healing process:

1) The Divine Light that pours through

2) The Wisdom Teachings & Life-Structure it offers

From the minute you enter the sacred space of a workshop, group or private session, Divine Light is filling your body and beginning the unraveling and purification process. You experience this as tangible currents of energy moving through your physical body – expanding and contracting different muscles groups.

As this Light dislodges old imprints of fear and tension from your cells, you may move through layers of emotional memory as the imprints work their way to the surface. This is normal and healthy and there’s nothing you need to do to assist this healing process other than to keep your body, mind and emotions wide open. Don and the Light will do the rest.

The language of energy

Something else that you will study in profound depth within BhaktiChi is the Universal Language of Energy or Chi. In short, the ability to access divine energies and use them to purify your cells and enlighten yourself, comes directly through the deep and intricate understanding of this universal language.

There are many ancient traditions that work to understand and incorporate this energy, such as the Martial Arts, Qigong, Tai Chi or Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is understood by the ancient wise masters of Chi in the East, and studied through the Dantien (or Energy Center) in Taoism. But what is unique to BhaktiChi and it’s exploration of this wisdom, is how it takes the mastery of energy BEYOND just the ‘art of combat’ or ‘the study of meridians’ and into the flow of your everyday life and relationships.

BhaktiChi teaches you how to read, interpret, understand, tune into, back-up, access and express this energetic intelligence within your EVERYDAY interactions and life-experiences. So when practiced and implemented in your everyday life, a powerful Light awakens within your Center – which we call Greater Mind – and it keeps growing, strengthening and expanding itself.

The nature of this Chi, Light or Sun Energy is expansion and it keeps seeking and creating more and more expansion for you as you learn to open up to it and put it first in your life. Eventually your body, mind, heart, career, relationships, health and self-image reflect this expansion back to you as more love, joy, energy, peace, growth, happiness, passion and success.

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